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Cartoon Camera


使用你的相機拍攝卡通和素描般的照片。 免費版含廣告,付費版無廣告。
We have just released Hill Climb Racing, it's one of the most entertaining and addictive FREE driving game made for android!
特點: - 即時卡通特效 - 12種特效:卡通、彩繪、深褐色、白線條、黑線條和彩邊 +++- 可調整邊線強度(螢幕右側滑塊) - 可調整顏色敏感度/飽和度(螢幕左側滑塊) - 單觸按鈕即可快速保存圖片 - 支援自動對焦(按螢幕任何地方) - 支持相機閃光燈 - 支援前置攝像頭(需要Android 2.3+) - 應用程式可安裝到SD卡上 - 保存的圖片儲存到外部存儲的CartoonCamera資料夾下
小花絮: 應用程式圖示和應用程式內的按鈕先是用彩色鋼筆在紙上畫的,然後用Cartoon Camera拍攝並放到應用程式內的。

-------------------------English description-------------------------
We just released one of the coolest free Android camera apps ever created!
Create cartoon and sketch like photography with your camera.
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This is the free version with advertisements. There is also a pro version available without ads and all filters are unlocked. Please notice that you can also upgrade to pro version for free by using GetJar Rewards.
Features:- Real-time cartoon effect- 12 effects: Cartoon, Color Drawing, Sepia, White Strokes, Dark Strokes, Colored Edges and many more- Adjustable edge strength (slider on the right side of the screen)- Adjustable color sensitivity / saturation (slider on the left side of the screen)- Save images quickly by a single touch of a button- Supports auto focus (tap anywhere on the screen)- Supports camera flash- Supports front camera (requires Android 2.3+)- App can be installed to SD- Saved images are stored to external storage under CartoonCamera folder
Nice trivia: The app icon and in-app buttons were first drawn with colored pens on paper and then photographed with the Cartoon Camera app itself and then put into the app.